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Sociology and Human Development

"We would not be interested in human beings if we did not have the hope of someday meeting someone worse off than ourselves." E.M. Cioran



The library complements print resources with multimedia to enrich your studies. A sampling of titles is provided below. Materials located at either campus may be requested via interlibrary loan (may take a day or two).  Primo, the library catalog, provides access to all titles.

Early Socialization: From Age Two to Age Five

This program follows the social development of two young children, Max and Ellie, from the ages of two to five. Examples of multiple attachment, language development, imitation and identification, cooperative play, self-awareness, gender identification, and social conformity are captured on film and clearly identified with onscreen labels as the children broaden their awareness of the world through interactions with each other, family members, and peers. (29 minutes)

Disappearance of the Father: Human Development—The Importance of Fatherhood

This video focuses on conditions, factors, and reasons linked to the fact that many non­custodial fathers gradually drop out of their children’s lives. The program also looks at the detrimental effects of the father's absence on children, and potentially on society as a whole. The typical role of the stepfather is also examined. (23 minutes)