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Biology and Microbiology

"The scientific mind does not so much provide the right answers as ask the right question." Claude Levi-Strauss



The library complements print resources with multimedia to enrich your studies. A sampling of titles is provided below. Materials located at either campus may be requested via interlibrary loan (may take a day or two).  The catalog iLink provides access to all titles.

The Bionic Man: Age of Robots

From brains to eyes, hands to legs and deep down to the internal organs; implants, prosthesis and rehabilitation are entering a new era to potentially create a new type of human being - The Bionic Man. Mankind has long tried to find remedies to genetic or accidental disabilities with the use of artificial limbs. In the episode, we look at the some of the most interesting robotic limbs and see how robotics can also be used for rehabilitation to help patients recover faster. (55 minutes)

Chronobiology: How Our Body Clock Works

For thousands of years, people were able to live in sync with their biological clock. In our modern world however, people rely on alarm clocks. Genetically programmed cell interactions stipulate when we sleep and when we rise, and most of society is up too early. Sleep deprivation is linked to sleep disruptions, depression, diabetes, and even dementia. Chronobiology research and development will help us live healthier lives and respond to medical treatment such as chemotherapy more effectively. (52 minutes)