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"If the English language made any sense, 'lackadaisical' would have something to do with a shortage of flowers!"-Doug Larson

Electronic Journals

Electronic Professional Journals

GALILEO provides access to over 5,000 full-text journals through Journals A - Z Linker. The link is provided below. Password is required for off-campus access.

 Journals A - Z Linker

Simply type in the name of the desired journal and GALILEO will direct you to a selection of databases that contain full-text access. Pertinent journals are listed below--there are many more!
  1. Composition Studies
  2. English Language and Literature Studies


Use these keywords or combinations when searching in the library catalog, databases, or the Internet.
  • composition
  • grammar
  • technical writing
  • style guide
  • citation
  • preposition
  • business writing
  • communication


GALILEO Discover

English Databases in GALILEO









Video Tutorial: How do I search in GALILEO?

Literary Reference Center Video Tutorial