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"Mathematics alone make us feel the limits of our intelligence."--Simon Weil, French Philosopher

Study Tips

Study Tips

Have a "can do" attitude. If you can learn how to master things like music, sports, and English, then you can do math as well! Try not to let negative past experiences limit you!

Practice math every day. Math is most definitely not a spectator sport. If you want to master math, then you must work on it every day!

Attend class full-time. This is SO important! Math is a sequential subject and each new thing you learn builds on something previously learned. You cannot skip over one concept and expect to learn the next concept.

Don't get discouraged. If one person or resource doesn't quite explain things in a way that makes perfect sense to you, then seek out another source! There is always a book, DVD or another person out there that can make a concept very clear to you.

Ask Questions. Don't be ashamed to raise your hand and ask questions. Chances are good that someone else sitting in your class has the same questions you do--they'll be grateful you asked the question!