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Electronic Journals

Electronic Professional Journals

GALILEO provides access to over 5,000 full-text journals through Journals A-Z Linker. The link is provided below. Password is required for off-campus access.

 Journals A - Z Linker

Simply type in the name of the desired journal and GALILEO will direct you to a selection of databases that contain full-text access. Pertinent journals are provided below--there are many more!
  1. Journal of Analytical Chemistry
  2. Perspectives in Medicinal Chemistry
  3. Pure and Applied Chemistry


Use these keywords or combinations when searching iLink, databases or the Internet.
  • acids
  • agricultural chemicals
  • bases (chemistry)
  • biochemistry
  • chemical inhibitors
  • chemicals
  • chemistry
  • electroplating chemicals
  • fire extinguishing agents
  • hazardous substances
  • pharmaceutical chemistry
  • photographic chemistry
  • solution (chemistry)

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Video Tutorial: How do I search in GALILEO?