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Faculty Library Resources

This site provides faculty with information about good teaching ideas and resources that are avalible at campus libraries and online.



The aim of the NGTC is to highlight the successful teaching strategies and resources for the faculty to develop and use in their classes. There are also links to other valuable information for faculty.  Click on the tabs above to access a host of good ideas.

Learn about NGTC Subject Guides


NGTC Libraries has a variety of  Subject Guides: (left hand side of the home page) are creatative, attractive, and functional guides for classes and subject taught at NGTC. Each guide contains books, quick lincks, ebooks, reference, DVD's, the ability to find subject associated articles, and associations and websites that corespond to the subject.  Some of the subject guides include Adult Education, Culinary Arts, Industrial Technology, and Photography. Check them out today.


Reserve a Librarian

Need a librarian? Look no further, simply Reserve a Librarian!!!


Library Skills Refresher

Resources Presentation

These are but a few of the super powers they possess.

E-mail them today.

Faculty Resources @ the Library

The library has a number of resources availabe that will aid in professional development, technology in the classroom, and outcome assessments, among others.

Faculty Resources...Free

Rubric Directory

A collection of rubric found across the Internet and compiled by the College of Business and Economics at CSU - Fullerton.

Open Textbooks

Open textbooks are free or inexpensive on the web and modestly priced for downloads, use on eReaders, or in bound format. These textbooks save students financially. 

Open Educational Resources

These resources are free for general education 

These free video resources can be “flipped” to create full lessons with integrated quizzes and related items for further analysis.  Faculty can search by subject matter and all disciplines can be found.

EASY, EASY, EASY and QUICK free online screen sharing tool.  No downloads required.  Click two buttons and share your screen with anyone.  Perfect for helping to walk individual students through bottleneck issues.  


FREE online tool for creating a lesson using cartoon characters.  No download required and file is stored on GoAnimate’s server.  Once the file is created, you place a link inside Angel. 

Updating Your Syllabus

If you are updating your syllabus for the new semester, here are a couple of blog posts that provide some pointers:

Syllabus: Extreme Makeover

11 Fast Syllabus Hacks

Function of the Course Syllabus

In addition, there are more ideas on Planning the Course.  From St. John's University Center for Teaching and Learning.

Looking for Something New to Try This Semester?

If you are looking for something to enliven your teaching this semester, there are two old-standbys that might help.  Though they've been around for some time, each of these Websites is updated regularly, so there's always new food for thought:

Tomorrow's Professor -- they have over 1,000 posts with information on a host of teaching issues.

ProfHacker -- despite the name, not all the posts on this wiki deal with technology, they've even had one on what to wear to class.

Search Films on Demand


Links to other Libraries

Can't find what you are looking for in your libraries? NGTC has lending agreements with other local colleges that include:

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) is an idea that developed after the publication of Ernst Boyer's Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professoriate (1990). He described four types of research: discovery, integration, application, and teaching. SOTL came to be defined as the process in which faculty do research on their teaching, much as they do research in their discipline: formulate a question, investigate it, and then publish their results. The advantage of this approach is that it would mean that teaching could truly advance as a discipline. It could get away from "reinventing the wheel" because faculty could build on the work their peers had reported.

Here's a good article that provides an introduction to SOTL: The Scholarship of Teaching: New Elaborations, New Developments.

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