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Writing and Citing: Help with Research Papers

"If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?" Albert Einstein

Evaluating Websites



Currency: How current is the video and the information contained in the video?

Relevancy: Is the information related to the topic you are researching?

Accuracy: Is the information correct? Can you verify the information with other sources?

Authority: What makes the sponsors of the information an expert on the topic?

Purpose: Is the website designed to educate? If appropriate, does it present both sides of an issue? Is the website trying to sell a product?

Current, unbiased, accurate websites, hosted by experts in their field, are the best Internet resources. If you cannot determin this information from the website's home page, visit the site's About page. If the web site does not contain this information you may considering using a different source.

Source: California State University Library - Chico

Evaluating Websites Video Tutorial (2 min.) from Cal State Fullerton's Pollak Library

Evaluating Websites Handout